Jar Coffee

Let Jars Rule!

Yep, you guessed it. Our coffee comes in jars!

After many years of coffee roasting on smaller ‘non-commercial’ roasters for all our coffee drinking friends and family… we decided last spring to purchase a commercial roaster which can roast up to 3 kg at a time. Since it was custom built we had to be very patient and keep our excitement under control. It was hard but we finally had it shipped out to us from the US… just in time before the first snow. During the winter months we don’t keep the B&B open but we were working hard getting to know the new roaster and figuring out how to roast our two current coffee beans. One bean is a nice high grown organic one from Mexico and the other is from Ethiopia, the original birthplace of coffee. We have a great team of ‘tasters’ giving us feedback. The winner, so far, is a blend we call ‘The Duke of Earl’. We will be selling our coffee beans locally at the farmer’s market and in a few local shops. There will be more beans and blends coming soon… but they all need to be tested and approved by our ‘testing teams’!