About Us

Brian and Sonja enjoying the view all the way to Mabel Lake from our famous house mountain 'the Camels Hump

Brian and Sonja enjoying the view from one of the two mountains called ‘the Camels Hump’. From this very prominent landmark you can see all the way to Mabel Lake

In 2012, we decided to move from the West Coast to the beautiful Okanagan region to start our own B&B. Immediately, we fell in love with the nature of the northern Okanagan. Especially, the serenity up in the mountains, the forests and the wildlife is what we were missing in the ‘big city’ of Vancouver. Around us are many lakes to fill your days with fun activities like fishing, canoeing, swimming or just relaxing on the beach. Having lived in different parts of the world we are so happy to have found our own little paradise and want to share this beautiful and still a bit ‘wild’ spot on this planet…

Our “Family”:

If you love nature and animals… you will make a few new friends on our property. Let us introduce ‘the Family’…

Most importantly ‘the Ladies’ which provide daily the fresh eggs for our different and always changing breakfast meals. At the moment, we have 20 chickens working hard in the yard keeping the insect population down and providing ‘happy eggs’ for our B&B.

The Chicken

Then ‘the Boys’… Big brother Muji and little brother Attila are always on the lookout to make sure we know who is coming and who is going. In addition, they provide us with live entertainment by play fighting or just being clowns.

The boys

Next, meet Black Rose and Sunny, the ‘Arabian Girls’. They are here to please our eyes and make us happy. While always friendly and gentle… please, don’t feed them and keep out of their pastures as they might step on your toes by accident.

Muji and arabians

The two sisters Salsa and Zora are ex-city cats who have retired to the country. They spend most of their time sitting in front of the fire or suntanning on their balcony.

Salsa at fire



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