We had the first flakes of snow…

The first snowflakes fell the day after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with a house full of family members! They all came to help with our wood supply for the winter. Lots of chopping wood, filling the tractor bucket, driving it all to the wood shed and stacking it nicely for us. An added huge bonus was that while some worked outside… some worked inside in the kitchen and at the end of the day we had a wonderful turkey dinner on our table. We hope that you all had as great a Thanksgiving weekend as we did, and with that, we close our 2016 season here at The Log House B&B.


Now, it is time to work more on our coffee business… so far we have six different choices for sale at the local Monashee Community Co-op in Lumby. There was even an article printed in the local newspaper. The address of the Co-op where you can buy our ‘Jar Coffee’ is: 1965 Shuswap Avenue, Lumby.


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