After many months of renovations in our home… we have finished building a fully separated guest area which includes its own entry, bedroom and ensuite bathroom for our Bed and Breakfast guests. The chickens are happily laying fresh eggs for your breakfast and our two puppies have grown up to be our ‘guard dogs’… or more likely your entertainment!

Welcome… We are open for business!

August is coming to an end… but not the summer heat!

Our veggie garden is in full swing… and we got the cutest summer squashes called ‘Patty Pans’ in abundance. They look more like some UFOs in bright yellow!

Also, the young hens are stepping up to the ‘plate’ and are producing wonderful eggs… some are a lot bigger than normal ones and I hope that the chicken’s bum is alright and not too sore from laying this ‘Monster egg’!

We had the first flakes of snow…

The first snowflakes fell the day after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with a house full of family members! They all came to help with our wood supply for the winter. Lots of chopping wood, filling the tractor bucket, driving it all to the wood shed and stacking it nicely for us. An added huge bonus was that while some worked outside… some worked inside in the kitchen and at the end of the day we had a wonderful turkey dinner on our table. We hope that you all had as great a Thanksgiving weekend as we did, and with that, we close our 2016 season here at The Log House B&B.


Now, it is time to work more on our coffee business… so far we have six different choices for sale at the local Monashee Community Co-op in Lumby. There was even an article printed in the local newspaper. The address of the Co-op where you can buy our ‘Jar Coffee’ is: 1965 Shuswap Avenue, Lumby.


Where is our summer?

I can’t believe how wet our July has been… but hopefully, we will have a hot August and a nice September. On those few sunny days we had in July… once the sun was out… it was hot and the dogs could only survive with their daily swims in our creek.

Attila in the creek

One more week until Thanksgiving Weekend at The Log House B&B

This year fall has come so quickly… didn’t we just have hot weather and were all worried about wildfires? Now, the leaves are falling down to the ground. Not much more growing in the garden with daily frosts and temperatures sinking each night. Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up on Monday, October 12! After the holiday weekend, The Log House B&B will be closing for the season 2015. We want to thank all our B&B guests… the local ones and the ones who came from different corners of the world. We will be open again in May 2016, Sonja and Brian

Thanksgiving deco with Attila

The next generation has arrived at The Log House B&B

We got a new mixed team of heritage chicks… hopefully, we will have some blue, green and dark chocolate brown eggs in a few months. They are such a cute little bunch of fluffy chicks… there might be one or two roosters in it, too. I guess the girls need their protectors and our guests an early ‘wake up call’!

New additions to the herd of Islandic Horses at the neighbours!

How I love these little guys… all legs and curly hair. Amazing how the stallion helped during birth of the filly, licked her dry and supported his little baby girl when she tried to get up for the first time in her life. The filly arrived a couple of weeks ago and then three days ago another baby. This time a little colt. Welcome to the Creighton Valley little foals. For more information on the breeder across the road from us:

Winter is gone… Spring is here!!! B and B opening for the season on June 1!

We are very happy to see all the snow gone… it was an unusually hard winter with the most snow in over 100 years! Our dogs loved it… but ‘Attila’ the little black guy almost disappeared in the snow. With the bigger one ‘Muji’ we could at least still see part of his face when they were out playing.

Now, the cats and dogs are enjoying the spring sun and all of them are doing their best to help keep the chickens out of the flowerbeds. Soon, we will be open for the B&B season again. You can book your room as of June 1st, 2015. See you soon!

First snow of the season

After a long stretch of beautiful fall weather and colors… the first snow has arrived. Earlier in the week we had minus 16 degrees in the morning and the cats were huddled around the fire. Muji and Attila don’t seem to mind the cold temperatures and are enjoying the steel blue sky and crisp winter air.

Winter Boys